About Us

Welcome to our 45th Season!
Incorporated on February 28, 1972, we are a snowmobile club in Southwestern Vermont with over 250 members. With access to over 4500 miles of Statewide trails, we are responsible for maintaining some of the most scenic snowmobile trails in the Green Mountain National Forest which include the McIntyre(BN69-BN19), Glastenbury Mtn(BN60-BN61-BN62-BN63-BN64), South Mtn(BN59-BN69), Top of the Mountain(BN67-BN68), Grout Pond Loop(BN21-BN24), and Mystery Cabin(BN23-BN70-BN81, Currently Closed from BN80-BN70).
The Shaftsbury Snow Pilots meet at 7pm on the second Wednesday of the month @ the Shaftsbury firehouse on
Buck Hill Rd. Volunteers are needed and always welcome.

Contact:  Ryan Bottesi   -   E-mail:  shaftsburysnowpilots@hotmail.com
Mailing Address: Shaftsbury Snow Pilots, 1035 Holy Smoke Road, Shaftsbury, VT 05262